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Why Yerba Mate

Wellness has become very important in the fast-paced hustle and notification culture of the modern day. The constant bombardment of information and the imposition of always being on-the-move removes us from truly restful relaxation, which harms our physical productivity and causes mental-health issues such as depression and anxiety. It brings together the three most important elements of human experience: the mind, the body, and, Nature. The World Health Organisation defines Wellness as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.”

Health Benefits

Powerful Antioxidant

Powerful Anti-Oxidants: The Yerba mate infusions has high concentration of polyphenols which strengthens the immune system, provide skin health benefits, and help in fighting any cancerous elements.

Source of Vitamins

Yerba mate contains B-group vitamins which are essential for body functions like the supply of energy & the production of red blood cells.

Energizing Effects

Yerba mate leaf has “Matein” which is a natural form of caffeine that promoting mental activity, energy levels and concentration without any side-effects.

Source of Minerals

Yerba mate contains potassium which is necessary for the correct function of the heart, & magnesium, which helps the body to incorporate proteins.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

The results of a scientific study by researchers confirm that consumption of Yerba Mate helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.

What is Wellness?


Physical wellness relates to maintaining a healthy body and seeking care when needed. Physical health is attained through exercise, eating well & getting enough sleep.


Emotional wellness relates to understanding your feelings. It is important to pay attention to self-care, relaxation, stress reduction & rejuvenation.


Social wellness helps you perform social roles effectively. This dimension of wellness allows you to not only develop encouraging relationships with peers.

Yerba Mate & Wellness
With its several health benefits, that strengthen the body, it is a primary source of Physical Wellness which promotes proper care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning. Yerba Mate, through the day, has rejuvenated and revitalized people, because of the presence of polyphenols in it ensuring that they can perform their best while valuing what makes productivity possible the most as part of Emotional Wellness. Yerba Mate is a community drink which people of South America have been enjoying with their loved ones, elevating the brew into a symbol of unity and natural completeness and balance as part of Social Wellness.